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Dear District 13 voters,

Thank you for giving me the great opportunity to represent you in the South Dakota Senate. For those of you new to District 13, I am also looking forward to knocking on your doors and meeting you during this campaign season. This link gives you the new look of District 13 following the 2011 redistricting. Click here to download an in-depth look at issues on the ballot.

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The 87th session of the South Dakota legislature ended on March 19, 2012, setting a budget of $4.3 Billion for fiscal year 2013. (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013) State general funds account for $1.3 Billion: Federal funds--$1.77 Billion; Other funds-- $1.04 Billion. This link connects you to the official website of the S.D. Legislature where you will find all the work of the session, including committee hearings and floor debate.

Thanks to you, the people and businesses of South Dakota, State general fund revenues have started to recover. The last few years have not been easy for anyone in South Dakota. The deep recession forced businesses, schools, households and families to make difficult spending decisions. When the Legislature made cuts in the 2011 session, it was a reflection of that reality of significantly decreasing state revenue. Fiscal Years 09, 10, and 11 all ended with actual tax revenue below FY08 collections.

Tax revenue for the budget year we are currently in (FY12) is projected to finally rebound above the FY08 revenue. Fiscal Year 2013 continues that growth. South Dakota is recovering, but uncertainty remains, often from many areas we can’t control. (federal debt, federal policy, European debt crisis, sharp increase in gasoline prices, etc.) The S.D. and U.S. Economic Outlook Overview presented to the legislature in late February stated, “Recession risks stem mostly from beyond the State’s border.”

As of the end of February, the current Fiscal Year 2012 (7/1/11 to 6/30/12) revenues are now projected to come in $12 million above the projections the Governor had in December. As a result of that, House Bill 1137 returns almost 75% of that ($8.7 million) to K-12 schools as a one time payment in this school year. When we are more confident that the dollars are there, education is certainly our first priority. In addition to our schools, the other primary beneficiaries of the increasing tax revenue are our Medicaid providers who serve our most vulnerable citizens.

For a more detailed, close-up look at South Dakota’s projected FY 2013 revenues and expenditures, this link provides you with the Budget Brief as appropriated by the 2012 Legislature.

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